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Following on from Sarah's post, here are some additional pieces to help you navigate the world of Office 365

Activate Your Internal Usage Rights

If you haven't signed up for Cloud Essentials or Cloud Accelerate to get your 250 internal user right subscription for the E3 plan. What's the E3 plan?

Office Professional Plus
Lync Online
SharePoint Online
Office Web Applications

Signing up is easy, and there are other benefits along with these 250 licenses, so explore the Microsoft Cloud Partner site to find out more.

Learn About It

There are already quite a few good sources of information, these are just a few to get you started.

Online Services

Office 365 Youtube Channel
TechNet Office Professional Plus for Office 365
Microsoft Press Books

Sell It


Next Steps

Thinking about moving some of your users or systems over to Office 365 and don't know where to start? Leave a comment and we will make sure more of the
appropriate resources come your way.

Comments (11)
  1. Clayton Moulynox says:

    Hi all, the instructions for activating Office 365 Internal Use Rights for eligible Australian partners have been updated.  Login to, click on GET BENEFITS and follow the link "Partners in Australia, learn more about additional options that apply only to you".

  2. Kevin Bloomfield says:

    Ever felt like a 2nd class partner living in Australia?

  3. another Jason says:

    Hi, are these available yet? My telstra rep tells me there were 'limited' licenses available this week, i signed up but get 'there are no subsriptios available to you'

    please help?

  4. Hi Jasons, Marlon

    Just got the news that the Australian details will be updated on Wednesday with the right contacts to make sure everything goes smoothly. Apologies for the delay.



  5. another Jason says:

    Hi, any update IUR for Australian Partners?

  6. Hi  Jason, Marlon, Jason

    We've got a couple of people who are out of office at the moment, as they come back online full details will be posted, we were supposed to have something mid week.



  7. another Jason says:

    Like Marlon requested, when does Australia get the IUR licenses?

  8. Marlon Marescia says:

    Can australian partners sign up for these licenses yet? The cloud essentials website says that Australian partners have extra conditions they have to meet or there is a delay in the roll out of Office 365 Internal User licenses.

  9. Sarah_Arnold says:

    Hi Jason,

    The answer to how you get the seats we dont have yet, Microsoft Corp is currently working on a solution for partners who need more than 250 seats.  We are hoping to have an answer for partners available over the coming week.


  10. Hi Jason

    I haven't seen the final details yet, but with BPOS partners could purchase additional seats over 250 for additional users, and these were at a discounted price. I'll chase up more details and get back to you.



  11. Jason says:

    What happens if we need more than 250 users?

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