This week alone we have given away a total of $10,000!

100 lucky BIG Cash winners have won a $100 Visa Gift Card this week. And just by purchasing qualifying Microsoft products, they've put themselves in the running for the BIG Grand Prize draw too. Make sure you check out the Big Cash Giveaway Website each week so you can see the latest lucky winners!

Remember there's still plenty of time to win BIG Cash. To enter, make sure you keep purchasing qualifying Windows 7, Microsoft Office, and Windows Server products from a Microsoft Authorised Distributor. Hurry! The $100,000 Big Cash Giveaway is only valid on purchases made until the 20th of May, 2011.

Permit Numbers

Windows 7 Giveaway: NSW (LTPS/11/2607), VIC (11/581), ACT (TP11/1104), SA (T11/554)

Microsoft Office Giveaway: NSW (LTPS/11/2494), VIC (11/573), ACT (TP11/1107), SA (T11/552)

Windows Server Giveaway: NSW (LTPS/11/2498), VIC (11/571), ACT (TP11/1101), SA (T11/548)

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  1. Tony Nieroba says:

    We achieve fantastic benefit from having access to partner software bundles. Not just for our own internal use but more importantly research and demonstration purposes to our valuable clients.

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