Opportunities for Developers in the Cloud – Start Today

When you give your customers the latest Microsoft cloud solutions, they’ll have access to the technologies and applications they know and trust—without requiring capital expenses or additional human resources.

www.microsoftcloudpartner.com  and select ‘build & develop

Accelerate the growth of your business.

New Microsoft Partner Network cloud offerings can help you start fast in the cloud, whether you want to sell and service or build and develop. It’s easy to qualify: Create a company profile, sign the cloud program agreement, and take qualifying training. Or complete your Microsoft Platform Ready sign-up.

Qualify now for the Microsoft Cloud Essentials Pack.

When you qualify, you’ll receive:

• 250 seats of Microsoft Business Productivity Online Standard Suite seats for internal use

• Windows Intune to manage 10 devices for internal use (Available calendar year 2011)

• Windows Azure Platform to support you when developing on Microsoft's cloud platform

• A wealth of business, technical, and support guidance and resources

And you can take advantage of Microsoft Partner Network resources to more effectively sell and market your solutions.

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You can get to market—and reach a whole new world of customers—faster.

Qualify today at www.microsoftcloudpartner.com 

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