Do you need Competency Training to meet the new requirements that doesn’t cost you a cent?

A fantastic opportunity for Partners to prepare for exams, for FREE.

ExamFest is combinations of instructor-led technical labs and exam prep sessions. Lead by Microsoft Certified Trainers, the ExamFest provides you the knowledge of the product exams, how to prepare, what to expect and invaluable tips & tricks. The ExamFest sessions are aligned to the MPN competencies. The Instructor-led Lab session, provides you the technical overview in an expert-facilitated environment.  



SYDNEY : Feb 22 – 24th

MELBOURNE : March 1-3rd

BRISBANE: March 15-17th

PERTH : March 7-11th

SYDNEY 2 : March 29 – 31st

MELBOURNE 2 : April 5-7th

PERTH 2 : May 16-2oth

BRISBANE 2May 3-5th

Comments (1)

  1. Steve Howard says:

    When can you make it to Cairns or Townsville? I understand that you are focusing on the capital cities, however Brisbane is still half a continent and a 3 hour plane trip away from Cairns!

    It also makes it difficult to sit exams when you must drive-fly-rail over 4-5 hours to Brisbane.


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