For partners with customers in Queensland affected by the flooding – free Azure data hosting opportunity during crisis

Dear Partner,


You’re no doubt aware of the extreme flooding that has been occurring throughout Queensland and now encroaching upon Brisbane CBD.



Microsoft is helping through government infrastructure support, temporary software licenses/online services access, and facilitating donations & volunteering.


One effort where we’re hoping to enlist your support is in helping small/medium businesses back up their data (server loss could be catastrophic for a small business).


We’re proposing a very simple approach: backing up files to a local virtual hard disk and uploading those files into Windows Azure storage.  This is not designed to provide application-level services and is only meant to be short term storage (accounts expire in 30 days).  However, it could provide the data backup solution your customers need in this time of crisis.  Note: the Azure accounts we’ve secured carry no guaranteed SLA or data liability (and you’re not permitted to charge for these Azure account resources).


Attached are the step by step backup & upload instructions and below are important conditions for using the service. 


The additional info you need is an Azure ID (username & password) for each customer you intend to help (IDs mustn’t be shared across customers).  You can receive these Azure IDs by emailing with the names of the organizations you’re looking to assist.



Larry Gregory

Manager, Customer & Partner Innovation Team

Microsoft Pty Limited




Important Conditions for Using the Service


Customer data must be kept separate.  Use one username per customer and never use the same username for another customer.  You must give the username/password information to the customer, for them to retain.  Customers must be above 13 years of age to receive a Live ID. 


This Windows Live ID is a test account intended for temporary use while testing the Windows Azure platform.  You should not use this test account with any services other than the Windows Azure platform services (Windows Azure, SQL Azure or Windows Azure Platform AppFabric). Microsoft may deactivate this test account, your access to it, or any services connected with it at any time. In such instances all content and contacts in the account will be permanently deleted. By using this test account you/your customer agrees to the following terms of use and privacy statements:


Windows Live ID Terms of Use:

Microsoft Online Service Agreement:


Microsoft Online Privacy Statement:   

Windows Azure Platform Privacy Statement:


If you do not agree to these terms, do not use this service.

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