Introducing the Think Big Business Campaign

A big chance to grow your sales!

This campaign provides you with ready-to-use sales and marketing materials to help you communicate to your small business customers the value of purchasing a new business PC with the Windows 7 Professional operating system and the Microsoft Office Home and Business 2010 productivity suite.


Comments (3)

  1. Sarah_Arnold says:

    Robert please email me more details on your technical issue and I will look into it

  2. Rita Arrigo says:

    Robert, Oh My you are really upset, have u thought about signing up for Bizspark, it may help

  3. Robert Prideaux says:

    How ae we supposed to make ANY sales when MS is hell bent on taking so many opportunities away?

    Everything we sell these days is based on the fact as a reseller, I have to install all the software as "Trials" and the customer gets diverted to MS to make the sale… What a GREAT opportunity – I cannot even get the Partner team to fix the fact I have my one copy of Ultimate with a Blacjk Screen saying it is counterfeit software – looks FANTASTIC to clients.

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