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Get to Know New Microsoft Partner Network Requirements


Be sure you have met the right requirements before your renewal date.

Beginning October 2010, you must pass new assessments and certifications to retain your Microsoft competency or attain a new one.

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  1. Sarah Arnold says:

    Deborah thanks for your comment can you please email me your company details so I can look into your issue with the tranistion tool.  My email address is sarahar@microsoft.com

  2. Deborah Zotian says:

    I'm having a problem with the Transition Tool – who can I call for help? (It's only reading the MCPs from one of our locations, not all of them)

  3. Sarah Arnold says:

    Great, try out the new tranisition tool and let me know what you think

    Sarah Arnold

  4. rolandozaspa1234 says:

    I'll go for it

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