Rebranding Advanced Competency and Competency to Gold Competency and Silver Competency

Members of the Microsoft Partner Network are Microsoft partners, and beginning in October 2010 you will be eligible to use a new market-facing Microsoft partner logo along with reference to any gold competencies and/or silver competencies you have earned. As an example:


Gold competencies and Silver competencies (formerly Advanced Competency and Competency) enable partners to differentiate their business, demonstrate recognisable expertise, and capitalise on benefits tailored to specific business needs. Partners with Gold competencies have demonstrated the highest, most consistent capability and commitment within a Microsoft business solution area and are entitled to the highest value benefits from the network. Partners with Silver competencies have demonstrated strong competence and capability within a Microsoft business solution area and are also entitled to high value benefits and a competitive advantage with this designation. The requirements to earn these designations have not changed.

  • Competencies are aligned to how customers actually buy, making it easier for partners to demonstrate relevant areas of expertise.
  • “Gold” and “Silver” describe specific competency expertise, not the aggregate partner.
  • Partners can earn a combination of both Silver competencies and Gold competencies.
  • Gold and Silver competencies, new membership opportunities, will be available to partners beginning in October 2010.

More information about competencies is available at:

Comments (7)
  1. Sarah_Arnold says:

    Everyone who signs up to the Microsoft Partner Network are partners, logos are a benefit of the Microsoft Partner Network to partners who earn the Silver and or Gold competency.  The small business specialist logo is another logo that is available but this to needs to be earned.    

  2. yup says:

    Sarah, you clearly say that Members of the partner network are Microsoft Partners and then you say that we will be eligible to use the new logo along with a competency reference. In response to Ray's question you say that registered members will not get a logo. So then I guess registered members are not really members of the partner network.

  3. Sarah_Arnold says:

    Nikki yes there has been a change to the Microsoft Gold certified partner logo as we  now have a new Gold Competency logo.

    Yup, not sure what you mean by my first sentence being a lie as everyone in the Microsoft Partner Network is a partner.   If you would like to explain more I am happy to answer you can always email me if you dont want this on the blog.

  4. yup says:

    Well then I guess you lied in your first sentence Sarah. Apparently not all members of the Microsoft Partner Network are Microsoft partners.

  5. Nikki Van Winden says:

    Will there be changes to the 'Microsoft Gold Certified Partner' logo?

  6. Sarah_Arnold says:

    Hi Ray,

    Registered members will no get a logo.


  7. Ray Frangie says:

    Will Registered Members get a logo too?

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