A first: SEO Workshops at the Australian Partner Conference 2010

Please complete a survey to receive a complementary Microsoft SEO Analysis Tool that will be demonstrated at APC.


Mark Vozzo wants to help partner’s rank better in search engines. For this reason, this year’s Australian Partner Conference (APC) (31 Aug – 2 Sep), he will be presenting on “Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for Microsoft Partners” which is an educational and practical SEO workshop for Microsoft partners.

To help make these workshops meet the needs of our partners, Mark has created a quick 5 minute anonymous APC 2010 - Search Engine Optimisation Survey. He will share some of the results use the responses to help deliver the most relevant content at these sessions. The main aim of the survey is to gather your input as to how important your website is to your business and what areas you would like him to focus on during the workshops. 

At the conclusion of this survey there will be a link to a complimentary Microsoft SEO Analysis Tool. This tool will help you identify SEO issues on your web site. At the SEO workshops, Mark will show you how to use the tool to improve your web site rank in popular search engines like: Google, Bing and Yahoo.

About the SEO Workshops at APC 2010

At Australian Partner Conference in Aug-Sep, there are several SEO workshops being held. They will be held at the following times:

Wednesday 1st September:
Session #1- 11:00-11:45
Session #2- 13:45-14:30

Thursday 2nd September:
Session #1- 11:00-11:45
Session #2- 12:00- 12:45

Attendees will learn some of the latest tools and techniques to help them optimize their website to drive more traffic from search engines.

About the Presenter – Mark Vozzo

Mark Vozzo is Search Marketing Professional and has been doing SEO for many years. He was responsible for driving traffic from search to some of Australia’s largest News sites such as Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and other news sites whilst working as the Search Marketing Analyst at Fairfax Digital. Currently, Mark works within the Microsoft Australia Digital Marketing Group looking after web analytics and search. To learn more about Mark, visit: http://www.linkedin.com/in/markvozzo

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