Critical Microsoft Online Services Resources Now Available for You

Hi Partners,



There are now some critical Microsoft Online Services available to you, to assist you in selling and understanding Microsoft Online Services.

We understand that there are lots of resources available to you, a bing search for Microsoft Online Services will return over 87 million results!

We know you don’t have time to read all that, so we have created a Getting Started Guide for you.

The Getting Started Guide covers 5 main areas:

1) Registering as an Online Services Advisor with Microsoft and Telstra

2) Ordering your 20 seat trial version of BPOS and your 250 seat Internal Usage Rights to enable you to experience Cloud for yourself

3) How to configure a customer trial

4) Making money from MS Online

5) Key resources and white papers to read to help you sell and deploy MS Online

This document is designed to provide you with all the information you need to start selling Microsoft Online Services.

The BPOS Proof Of Concept Kit contains a To Partner folder, and a To Customer Folder.

The To Partner folder has been designed to teach you everything you need to know about on-boarding your customers onto Microsoft Online Services. The folder contains a migration document that includes step by step screenshots of how to sign up a customer that is on a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement, how to sign up a customer that is not on an Enterprise Agreement and furthermore, how to convert a customer from a trial to a paid subscription.

The To Customer folder contains a to customer presentation and two partner facing brochures on the benefits of BPOS and the Proof Of Concept.

Comments (3)

  1. G Cruz says:

    Arron , I recently access the zip file and did not find the BPOS_PoC_Schedule.mpp neither. Can you send me a copy of it to my email?

  2. Arron Child says:

    HI Andrew,

    I will update the zip in the coming days to include this.

    Can you please provide me with your email address, I'll send the file directly to you


  3. andrew says:


    good information. the partner project overview doco makes reference to BPOS_PoC_Schedule.mpp but that was not in the zip file. is it possible to get a copy of this?


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