Interested in finding out more about Partner Hosted software offerings?

Below is the invitation to the Software Services Partner Live Meeting for June – this Wednesday – 9th.  If you are interested in attending, please see the invitation details below:

This 45 minute session will cover


-       SPLA Licensing Update: Recent announcements, product and definition changes and associated updates in the Service Provider Licensing Agreement (SPLA)


-       Azure and the Opportunity for Hosters: This session will look at opportunities that Azure has to offer Managed Hosting, Mass Market Hosting and Network Providers.  We’ll examine the workloads that a hoster might choose to run on Azure and how to get started. 


-       “30 days in 30 seconds”: Recent product releases, launches and events from Microsoft


-       “Partners for Partners”: a look at some of the companies that provide solutions and services to Software Services Partners


Live at


  NZ – 3:00pm
  NSW, VIC, ACT, QLD – 1:00pm
  SA – 12:30pm
  WA – 10:00am


Presented by Philip Meyer and Yvette Sutton


Session Link Information: Attendee URL:


Computer Audio 

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First-Time Users 


Make sure the Office Live Meeting client is installed before the meeting click here.  If you still cannot enter the meeting, contact support click here



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Target Audience: Technical Decision Makers, Architects, Operations Managers, Marketing / Sales in Web Hosting, Data Centre, Franchise, ISV, Platform Infrastructure and Managed Service Providers


Thank you for participating! We hope to see you attend future Microsoft Hosting Partner Live Meeting sessions.






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