Socialise with Microsoft and Microsoft Partners

Social Media is the buzz word thrown around these days but what does it mean for you?

Companies big and small are jumping into the social media arena, whether it be the likes of McDonald’s, Pepsi, right down to local restaurants.

Have you dipped your toes into the pool of social media, fully immersed yourself or watched from the safety of the deck chair?

Lioyerma Pool Bar - Oia, Santorini by BluEyedA73.

*images courtesy of BluEyedA73

You are a valued Microsoft Partner and as such, your goals and business needs are important to us. We want to understand how social media impacts your business so that we can meet your needs.

One of the key benefits and advantages of being a Microsoft Australia Partner, is the diversity and Intellectual Property within the Partner community. Let everyone know if you:
Linked In?
or any other social media channels you use, and what this has done for your business.

Do you prefer to read a blog as opposed to the newsletter?

Help us make more informed decisions on your needs, by replying.


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