New Microsoft Action Pack Announced for Development and Design Partners

With the Action Pack Development and Design subscription, you can increase your Microsoft technology proficiency and develop innovative solutions cost-effectively.  Identify new opportunities and improve sales in the highly profitable small and medium business (SMB) markets.

Microsoft Action Pack Development and Design will provide a range of benefits, including:

  • Internal-use, full versions of the latest Microsoft desktop and server software.

  • Three MSDN for Microsoft Action Pack Development and Design subscriptions that provide access to key development and design tools. Includes the latest version of the Windows and Windows Server operating systems, and Microsoft SQL Server for development and testing.

  • Ten hours of phone-based technical design and development support.

  • Access to quarterly recorded technical support Web seminars (webinars).

  • Connection to qualified students to find next-generation talent.

  • Technical and sales training focused on development and design.

  • Access to community peer groups.

  • Visibility in Microsoft customer directories.


Pricing for Australian Partners who subscribe to the new Microsoft Action Pack for Development and Design is $527 for Digital Distribution and $648 for physical media and Digital Distribution.


Limited-Time Special Offer

Save 15 Percent on a Microsoft Action Pack Development and Design Subscription

Between now and May 23, 2010, complete this offer request form indicating your interest in a Microsoft Action Pack Development and Design subscription.

During the week of May 24, 2010, you will receive an email with instructions and a single-use promotion code that you can use to receive 15 percent off the price of a one-year subscription. The code will expire on July 1, 2010. Some restrictions apply; details will be provided with the promotion code.


Comments (7)
  1. Sarah_Arnold says:


    Thank you for your comment this post was posted back in April and the promotion is now over.  You can subscribe to Action Pack via the Microsoft Partner Portal…/memsubscriptions


  2. Alpesh says:

    I would like to subscribe  Microsoft Action Pack Development and Design. I am looking promotion code. Please how can i get promotion code. My Email Adress is

  3. Sarah_Arnold says:

    Hi, everyone you should have received your code last Friday if you did not receive your code please call the help desk on 13 20 58 option 4.


  4. Anwu says:

    It's May 31 and I don't have my promotion code either 🙁

  5. Leo says:

    I have registered for the offer but I have not received the promo code yet.

  6. Any update on which day those promotion codes will be sent out this week?  



  7. G K Shridhar says:

    I would like to opt for Microsoft Action Pack Development and Design Subscription.  I am currently a microsoft partner and my partner organisation id is 2788704

    My email address is Please advise if there are any queries.



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