Update Your Solution Profile Today!

Hi Partners,

Update your Solution Profile Today!

Solution Finder is switching to Pinpoint -  the new, improved technology marketplace helping you connect your applications and services with business customers. Australia’s Pinpoint is launching soon, but you can browse the US Pinpoint here and get excited about what is to come!



To make sure your company’s applications and services are listed on Australia’s Pinpoint directory come launch date, you need to submit, check or update your solution profiles in Solution Profiler.

There are some simple Pinpoint Editorial Guidelines to follow to ensure your profile is both customer ready and Pinpoint ready. Please follow these guidelines when  submitting or editing your solutions.

Don’t let your organisation miss out of being listed on Pinpoint, take ten minutes of your time and submit or update your solution today.

All the best

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    Hi partners,

    Unfortunately we are expering technical problems with Solution Profiler today, please try again later


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