What do other Partners think about S+S and Social Media?

In February, NewLease & Microsoft hosted a three city road show focusing on Software + Services (S+S). 


Attendees ranged from ISVs to SIs to Hosters, and topics ranged from Microsoft Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA) updates to reviews of the S+S market to explorations of how to get to market with S+S.  We took advantage of the opportunity to poll the audience on S+S topics as well as a new get to market vehicle, Social Media.  Example results ranged from 74% of respondents saying that S+S has Board/Ownership support to 77% responding that they didn’t have a Social Media policy.  If you’re interested, the results are continually updated here


Due to interest, we have built a poll specific to ISVs.  At the end of the survey you’ll be taken to the results.  You’ll find the survey here


As always, for SPLA related inquires you can start with www.newlease.com.au.

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