Is your application compatible with Windows 7?

We would like to invite you to the Windows 7 Application Compatibility workshop.  There are two options – Wednesday March 17 from 1-5 (Sydney time) and Wednesday March 24 from 1-5 (Sydney time).


LiveMeeting Link – Join the meeting.


a.       Virtual Lab

·         ID / Password to be provided to individual partner directly

·         Virtual Lab URL -  (lab arrangement will be updated subsequently)

·         Lab is designed to be best optimized using IE – do ensure that it supports Active X and allow pop up screen to support lab exercises


b.      We’ll also provide you a survey form for post-workshop service feedback – and we look forward to hear from you in terms of your service experience as well as future needs.


c.       If you need a contact point during the workshop please contact Eric Lo (email: or mobile +65-98508744)


d.   For more  information, please email and we will mail you the full workshop agenda.


Or, do you just have a few questions you need answered regarding compatibility?


If you are almost there with your Windows 7 Application compatibility testing and just have a few questions you want answered – you can email  with your questions and they will contact you to help – free of charge.


As always – if you have feedback about this – please contact Sarah Theiss at



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