Why Microsoft? Find out for yourself…

Hi Partners,

Let’s be honest, today’s consumer has increased choice.

The evidence is everywhere you turn, whether it be cars, soft drink or even cereal.

Microsoft is no different, there are other companies vying for your customers business.

So Why Microsoft? Why should you sell Microsoft to your customers?

Why Microsoft

I could cite stats on the Microsoft research and Development budget alone, over $9 billion, that would convince anyone of the future health of Microsoft Technology.

Andrew Kissilo the following questions though:

· Does the other product have the features for all my users? How will my Notes users keep up with changing times?

· Does this new vendor really get productivity? Does Cisco’s positive track record in hardware translate to messaging software?

· Do the compromises outweigh the costs? How will I efficiently manage updates to OpenOffice?

· Is it a compliment or replacement to what I already have? What is the total cost of using a compliment or migrating? Can Google Docs replace Office?

In reality, the best way for you to answer Why Microsoft? Is to compare for yourself.

So here it is, go to www.whymicrosoft.com to compare, encourage your customers to compare.

Prefer to read a blog? Read the Why Microsoft blog: http://blogs.technet.com/whymicrosoft/


Why Microsoft? I’ll let you answer that for yourself.



Arron Child

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