Internet Explorer 8 is the safest version yet

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Cyber criminals continue to rely on deceptive social engineering attacks to prey on unsuspecting web users. And the threat is constantly evolving. To counter it, Internet Explorer 8 includes new security features that offer an unrivalled level of protection in independent tests.


For example, Internet Explorer 8 uses a Phishing Filter to warn you of suspect websites, and SmartScreen to block them. In independent tests IE8 blocked 83% of Phishing – more than any other browser tested1.


Internet Explorer 8 also offers enhanced protection against Malware. In a live test, IE8 caught socially engineered malware 81% of the time compared to Firefox 3’s 27%, Safari’s 21% and Chrome’s 7%1.

So if you want to be safer online, your choice is simple. For better protection when you browse, chose Internet Explorer 8.

Learn more about How IE8 Protects You or Download IE8*

1Web Browser Security Socially Engineered Malware Protection, Comparative Test Results 2nd Edition. July 20,2009, NSS Labs: global leader in independent security & performance testing and certification. Find out more

* Download fees and charges may apply as set by your ISP


Arron Child

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