New Web Application Toolkits!

What are Web Application Toolkits?

Web Application Toolkits help ASP.NET web developers quickly complete common tasks.  Each Web Application Toolkit download contains reusable assets - e.g. controls, class libraries, endpoints etc. and a sample application that shows how to use them.  Earlier this year we launched 7 Web App Toolkits; IE8 Extensibility, Bing Search, REST Services, Mobile Web Applications, Template-driven Email, Social Web Apps, FAQs.  We received a great response from the community and had plenty of suggestions for new toolkits!  Over the past couple of months we’ve been busy in the lab creating three new Web Application Toolkits and are excited to launch them today!

What’s new?

1.       Web Application Toolkits have a new landing page:

2.       We are launching three new Web Application Toolkits:

a.       Calendars 1.0

b.      Bing Maps 1.0

c.       Freemium Apps 1.0


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