The Release Candidate version of Windows 7 expires on 1 June, and will begin an automatic shutdown process on 1 March.

Important message for our Partners:


·         Customers are encouraged to stay with Windows 7 to continue enjoying the features and benefits of our latest operating system (and not revert to Windows Vista or Windows XP).

·         Installing the final version of Windows 7 (RTM) will require a clean installation on their PC. There is no upgrade path from RC to RTM. Please remind customers to back up all of their files, settings and applications before installing the final version.

·         If a customer wishes to return to Windows Vista or Windows XP, they will require the original installation media and COA supplied with their PC, their volume licensing key or Fully Packaged Product key to activate their genuine copy.

·         Please remind your customers to make sure they back up all of their files, settings and applications, even when reverting back to a previous version of Windows.

·         Customers can visit for further information.


Windows 7 RC shutdown process:


15 February: The expiration notification process began

·         Users may have already received an expiration notification in the notification area, at the far right hand side of the taskbar, once daily.

·         The Notification wizard will appear every four hours, and then later once every hour.


1 March: Windows 7 RC enters the next stage of expiration

·         Expiration notifications will continue to appear in the notification area.

·         Their PC will begin restarting every two hours. Windows will not save work during shutdown.


1 June: Windows 7 RC expires

·         Windows starts to a black desktop.

·         Users will see a Windows Activation dialogue box that says “The version of Windows you're running is not genuine”.

·         Their PC will continue to restart every two hours. Windows will not save work during shutdown.


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