Don’t Forget the Tools!

Microsoft Learning tools that is..

Microsoft Learning are providing you with an opportunity to add new tools to your toolbox.

Your  new tools could come via a 40% discount at MS Press and through the chance to win a HP Netbook with Windows 7 pre-loaded!

After all “You’re only as good as you’re tools”





* Photo courtesy of MJ Hub

I was reading a blog by John Hagel III and John Seely Brown entitled “ A Better Way to Manage Knowledge”

In this article they discuss the importance of knowledge and creating new knowledge:

“… the real value is in creating new knowledge… So we’ve got to keep creating new knowledge in order to keep pace [with the fast moving world]

The Microsoft Learning offer will help you create this new knowledge through the purchase of books through MS Press.

In order to take advantage of this great offer, follow the three simple steps:

1) Purchase any book online at MS Press using the code: TOOLS

2) Take the quiz and answer two simple questions correctly to be placed into the draw

3) Fill in your personal particulars.

The more books you buy, the more chances you have to win!

Hurry, offer ends 31st March

Good Luck!

Arron Child

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