Powerful Partnership to Start the New Year

HP and Microsoft Expand Partnership to Drive Infrastructure-to-Application Innovation

imageWe are very excited to share with you the announcement of an HP and Microsoft partnership to drive infrastructure-to-application innovation.
On January 13, 2010, HP and Microsoft announced that we are expanding our 25-year partnership with a historic, three-year strategic agreement that leverages our existing investments to deploy unified virtualization and management, along with converged application solutions.
The products and services resulting from the expanded partnership will enable Frontline Partners to provide customers with:

  • Increased efficiency by providing a converged application platform, unified management, and integrated imageinfrastructure solutions designed to be self-managing, self-tuned, and self-provisioned.
  • Enhanced productivity by deploying integrated, heterogeneous management across HP and Microsoft environments.
  • Optimized solutions by increasing performance, availability, and reliability through integrated, uniquely engineered data management and messaging solutions.
  • Reduced risk by leveraging expanded service offerings and worldwide support to ensure business success based on existing IT investments


In the end, this agreement will enable Frontline Partners to dramatically simplify technology implementation and provide faster returns to your customers. 



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