2 Shots At Glory

Just when you thought you would never see it again…

Microsoft brought it back……

Microsoft Certification Second Shot!




We all know the value of certifications;

* Helping to differentiate you from the crowd

* Industry and Peer Recognition

* Expertise in chosen technology

* Microsoft Certified Professional Benefits

* Assist in helping you advance to the next stage in your career, have a look at career paths.

In the words of H. Jackson Brown Jr “ Opportunity dances with those who are already on the dance floor.”

Now you will have more chances to get Microsoft Certified than A-Ha had hits! (Take On Me)

Microsoft Certification Second Shot will enable you to re-sit an exam, if you happen to fail the first attempt. This is a fantastic offer as it increases your chances of taking control of your career, and realising the aforementioned benefits. 

In order to take advantage of this offer, you must register for Microsoft Certification Second Shot BEFORE booking your exam. Click here to register for your second shot.                                             

Exams (Free Second Shot if necessary), must be taken before June 30th for this offer.

Don’t Delay, Get Certified Today.

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  1. Ray Frangie says:

    Perfect… Now just have to wait 3 weeks until the wedding is out of the way then I can get back on track with more certifications… and maybe uni as well 🙂

  2. Arron Child says:

    Hi William,

    Glad it put a smile on your face…

    Remember to watch out for the Certification Heroes in TechNet and MSDN Flash!

    Make sure you enter to be in the draw for February!


    Arron Child

  3. Excelente :D,, good notice… :D,, thanks

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