Social Media and Microsoft Australia Partners

This is a random blog of me asking you guys a question for a change. I am currently sitting in the social media session at the Partner Program Summit at the moment and it has got me thinking. What social media do you want to see us use?

Look forward to hearing your thoughts


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  1. Hi Sarah, I think the blog is a great way of keeping people informed – especially handy because I subscribe to the RSS feed and have new articles delivered direct to Outlook which most people have open all day every day – no need to keep visiting the site for new content.  And Twitter is also great as a way to quickly distribute bits of information that probably don’t warrant a blog entry.  Most twitter users have adopted a desktop app and so again this information is delivered direct and almost in real time.  I can also receive RSS and Twitter easily on my mobile device.  Sites like Facebook and LinkedIn aren’t really as effective at delivering information seamlessly to the tools I’m using during my normal working day, in my opinion.

  2. Blogs are OK for substantial information, but more and more more people are using twitter for notifications and for links to blogs and other articles that may be of interest.

    Most people just don’t have time these days to browse web sites looking for new or updated information and Twitter provides a useful and quickly scanned summary of informatiuon.

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