Strange and Distant Times

Hi Partners,

Is Armageddon really approaching? If you are in Sydney and woke to find yourself staring at a very strange and ethereal bright orange landscape you would think so.
However, science has proven this was merely a dust storm. But wait, there’s more...

The world is changing yet again...

A scheduled Daylight Savings change in Western Australia has been CANCELLED! There will be no daylight savings in WA this year!
Ladies and gentleman, I’ll let you decide where the fate of the world rests...


Daylight Savings changes in Western Australia – prepare now!

Daylight Savings time changes can have a significant impact on business performance if not dealt with proactively. Effects can range from the incorrect time display on the clock, to calendaring problems, to changes in business critical services that are time dependent. This year, Western Australians rejected by referendum a proposal to extend their trial of daylight savings. As a result there will be no daylight savings in WA this year or for the foreseeable future. The time change was scheduled for 25 October, but will no longer occur.

We encourage customers to review their preparedness for these changes. See the Australia 2009 Daylight Saving Planning Guide.




All the Best,

Arron Child

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  1. OK, ok Arron, we get the point and thanks for reminding me – we’re backwards over here in WA, we voted against daylight savings (it fades the curtains, don’t you know?), our State Government don’t have the guts to actually make a decision on behalf of the public (isn’t that what they’re for?).  Yes, yes.  One day soon we hope to be able to shop on Sundays too.  😉

    Thanks for the link to the planning guide.  

    PS – for the record I voted FOR daylight savings, being a Victorian by origin and loving the late summer nights.  

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