Gold Certified Partner New Requirement – Only 54 Australian Gold Certified Partners meet the new requirement

Hi All,

This is my first update to you all from the Partner Program Manager Summit.  At the moment we are talking about the new CSAT requirement for Gold Certified Partners.  In Australia we have 400+ Gold Certified Partners as of this morning only 54 Australian Gold Certified Partners meet the new CSAT requirement. If you would like more information on this new requirement for our Gold Certified Partners can I please encourage you to read my past post from May 13, 2009.  Please also feel free to contact your Partner Account Manager or blog them on this blog or send your questions directly to me.

more news soon - Sarah

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  1. Sarah_Arnold says:


    Can you please send me an email to letting me know which company you are from and letting me know what survey you currently do.

    thank you Sarah

  2. Kirk says:

    What about situations where the organisation is a large service provider with dedicated account teams who do satisfaction surveys as part of their normal customer relationship  management and do not want additional surveys being sent to their customers? In effect we already have the benefits of the CSAT and the understanding of the customer satisfaction but if we wish to maintain our Gold Partnership we need to ask our customers yet again about their satisfaction with our products and services!

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