Introducing The Microsoft Australia Partner Team

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Hi Everyone,

I hope that those of you who attended The Australian Partner Conference on the Gold Coast earlier this month enjoyed yourselves and derived some good value from the experience as well.

We will be coming to you shortly to let you know what you told us about the event and what we’re thinking about for next year.

In the meantime, I wanted to introduce you to the team.  We are still evolving and as new team members join I will introduce them as well.

All the best,



Name Arron Child clip_image002
Nickname Azza
Job Title Partner Learning and Social Media Marketing Executive
Objective To provide Marketing and Communications programs to our valued Learning Partners. I'm also the partner team social media
co-coordinator, which is an exciting role to  have. It gives me an opportunity to help improve Partners experience on our social media vehicles
Hobbies Football (Soccer), Capoiera, and hopefully Scuba Diving now that summer has rolled around once again!
Other Interesting Facts Wanting to be the proud owner of a Yamaha Virago Motorbike within 2 months!

Name Mike Heald clip_image004
Nickname Witness
Job Title Channel Development Manager - Public Sector Role
Objective My main objective is to build the public sector channel by providing a platform and resources to enable partners to succeed in this space.
Hobbies Besides family, I enjoy playing baseball and other outdoor activities that Sydney has to offer i.e. beach, learning to surf, biking etc
Other Interesting Facts Been living in Australia off and on since 1996 and still don't know my nationality - I guess I'm a world citizen

Name Sarah Theiss clip_image005
Nickname Sah Bear
Job Title Channel Audience Manager-ISV
Role Objective To build a vibrant and happy community of ISVs and Web Agencies – focused primarily on the less established Partners who don’t have a Partner Account Manager.
I will bring resources, training and communications to the audience to add value.
Hobbies My non work time is spent with my family - my husband and 11 year old daughter, walking the dog, cooking, reading and hanging out on Sydney's northern beaches where we live.
Other Interesting Facts I'm very lucky - if someone is going to win - it will often be me!

Name Wendy Komadina clip_image006
Nickname Wen or Breezy
Job Title Partner Marketing Lead
Role Objective I’m a recent addition to the Partner Team, having joined in July 09. My focus will be on providing communications and events to enable our Partners to be up-to date with what
goes on in the giant world of Microsoft. Always happy to hear suggestions on how we could be doing this better!
Hobbies Spending time with my family, dancing, watching movies, and baking!
Other Interesting Facts: None

Name Sarah Arnold clip_image008
Nickname Arnie
Job Title Partner Programs Manager
Role The next 12 months of the role will see me focusing on the evolution of the Microsoft Partner Program to the Microsoft Partner network. It is my job to know everything and anything about
the Partner Program/Network.
Hobbies Cooking, Bikrim Yoga, Reading a good romance novel, just spending time with my friends and family.

Name Emy Escalona clip_image009
Nickname Ems
Job Title Partner Development Manager
Role Objective To recruit partners working with competitive vendors
Hobbies Eating out, travelling around local towns, interior decorating
Other Interesting Facts Attending back to back high school reunions in the next 2 weeks - one in Sydney and one in Chicago!

Name Inese Kingsmill Microsoft_Management IK (334)
Nickname Indy or The Bodger
Job Title Partner Strategy & Programs Director
Role Objective To drive partner strategies and programs that enable and engage a vibrant partner community so that we can be mutually successful. I am accountable to ALL partners!
Hobbies Running, cycling, cooking with my daughter Ally and spending time at the beach
Other Interesting Facts I trekked the Kokoda Trail this year - it was awesome.I can still execute a perfect somersault on the trampoline and Bungeed this week in Singapore with
Paul Voges and Samantha Zammit.

Name Brad Clarke clip_image011
Nickname Still Waiting on one, any suggestions??
Job Title Partner Territory Manager
Role Objective My three key focus areas this year will be to (1) Improve the satisfaction of Partners who are managed through our Partner Network (2) Increase the mix of Annuity Licensing
Sales & (3) Activate new partners with the required competencies in appropriate geo locations
Hobbies I am very passionate about my work, I consider it to be my favourite hobby (I know, I know, it's pretty sad), beyond work I enjoy playing football(Soccer), outdoor exercising, fishing
& aviation (if it fly's, I'm interested!)
Other Interesting Facts I'm a newlywed, 25th April, I will complete by Private Pilot’s License by Xmas

Name Brian McLaughlin clip_image012
Nickname Maca / Farkeem / Malaka
Job Title Partner Development Manager
Role Objective To recruit / develop key ISV partners in Public Sector.
Hobbies Bike riding
Other Interesting Facts Want to retire in a shack by the sea.

Name Sharmilla Gosai clip_image014
Nickname Sharmi
Job Title Readiness Development Manager
Role Objective Executing a successful Partner Skills Development program (sales, marketing and technical) that ensures the Channel is capable to deliver on Microsoft's new
products and evolving technology.
Hobbies Reading, cooking
Other Interesting Facts

Name Wendy Smith clip_image016
Nickname Wends
Job Title Channel Development Manager
Role Objective To support Microsoft’s resellers focused on the SMB segment in growing their businesses through the Top VAR initiative, marketing and other tools and resources
Hobbies I love cooking and am a mad skier when not pregnant or chasing a little toddler around
Other Interesting Facts Have another little bubba on the way...

Name Kim Partridge clip_image017
Nickname Kimmie, Kimbo
Job Title Events Marketing Executive
Objective Leading all "to" Partner events to build and enable a competitive and vibrant Partner eco-system.
Hobbies Running, gym, socialising with friends, reading
Other Interesting Facts I am currently in training for a full marathon. First Gold Coast then New York!

Name Tania Netterfieldclip_image018
Nickname Tn
Role Objective Partner account manager for Microsoft Learning Solutions, this includes managing the learning solutions partners, certification, MS press and eLearning
Hobbies Trekking, Skiing and watching good reality TV – yes I believe there is some!

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