Microsoft Action Pack Subscription Price Changes for Australia

On behalf of Microsoft I would like to thank everyone who has given us feedback over the past couple of years around the price of the Microsoft Action Pack for Australian Partners.  I am happy to share with you that as of today Microsoft Corporate have reduced the price of the Microsoft Action Pack to

  • Digital Distribution only - $396 Australian Dollars after tax
  • Physical Media and Digital Distribution - $660 Australian Dollars after tax


regards, Sarah Arnold

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  1. Sarah_Arnold says:

    Hi Michael,

    Physical Media has not been available for MAPS subscriptions and Competencies since November 2013.


  2. Michael says:

    is it still possible to get physical media with the maps now

  3. G’day Sarah,

    I’m glad my hounding Microsoft for years over this (including a meeting at APC last year with Paul Voges) has finally paid off.  This is one thing – not just MAPS, mind you, but all Microsoft pricing in Australia – that has been unfair on the Australian market.  Our dollar is strong, our prices are high.  Our dollar weakens, the price climbs.  The dollar climbs, the price doesn’t drop.

    As I mentioned last year as the SBSC PAL, this is one thing that a number of Partners had asked me to bring to Microsoft’s attention (again).

    I’m also glad your last 2 years’ work has finally paid off in one area and hope that it continues to the rest of Microsoft’s products!  🙂

  4. Mike Hatfield says:


    First of all many thanks for the presentaion in Brisbane yesterday. Your announcement on the price change was very welcome and thank you for your time and energy in assisiting with the reworking of the partner network.

    Mike Hatfield (SMBiTPRO Brisbane)

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