Microsoft Partner Network – ARN Article

I saw this article published in ARN and it was interesting to read the concerns expressed by Tony Banks over losing the investment in certifications for his team. I wanted to take a moment to clarify that this does not need to be a significant concern as long as certifications are kept up to date. Credit for certifications aligned to relatively new technology sets will continue to be an important part of meeting the requirements of a competency under the new Microsoft Partner Network. Indeed this is no change per se from the current program where keeping certifications up to date was a requirement of the competencies.

The new competency list is shown here for further reference and we’ll be providing more information at the next level of detail in the coming weeks. Partners attending the Australian Partner Conference will also have the chance to ask questions directly of the Microsoft team of course.  For those of you not attending Australia Partner Conference Inese Kingsmill and her team will be doing state sessions over the next two weeks.  If this is of interest to you please register and attend one of the events below:

August 17:           Victoria, Melbourne

August 18:           Perth, WA

August 19:           Adelaide, South Australia

August 20:           Canberra, ACT

August 25:           Brisbane, QLD

August 26:           Sydney, NSW

August 31:           Gold Coast, QLD

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