Microsoft Partner Program is evolving…

Corporate Vice President Allison Watson kicked off the Worldwide Partner Conference 2009 on Monday, July 13, by launching the new Microsoft Partner Network!

The Microsoft Partner Network is a community borne from our continued commitment to serve the needs of our partners and help them reach their full potential. We’re evolving from the Microsoft Partner Programme to the Microsoft Partner Network to strengthen the relationships we have with our partners—and the relationships you have with other partners and your customers. All partners have a home within the Microsoft Partner Network. You can thrive by taking advantage of the new opportunities available to you through the Microsoft Partner Network.

Announced at WPC, the Microsoft Partner Network provides:

  • Opportunities to strengthen partner capabilities to:
    • Create and enter new markets with early access to the latest technologies.
    • Expand your sales and marketing skills.
    • Deepen your business and technical expertise through clear learning paths.
  • Expertise to help partners serve customers better and:
    • Attain competencies aligned to how your customers buy.
    • Use digital marketing and social media to extend conversations and expertise.
    • Create customer demand through product innovation.
    • Connect customers and partners through an online marketplace.
  • Communities that spark innovation and connection to:
    • Choose the relationship that best serves your business and your customers’ needs.
    • Connect with other partners to drive opportunities.
    • Share and exchange ideas in real time.   

Working together, we continue to focus on creating innovative solutions that drive profitability and sustain competitive advantage.

When Is It Happening?

Here is what to expect in the upcoming months, but for more information on what’s new, how to prepare, and what you can expect, click here.

Beginning October 31, partners enrolling or re-enrolling as Gold Certified Partners must have participated in the Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Index within the previous 12 months.

New competency membership opportunities are available

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