What has James been doing ?

Well I have been a slack blogger I must admit... in fact the last time I blogged was just before the Halo2 launch.... the launch was so much fun, I worked on crowd control and had an absolute ball, everyone was so excited by midnight it was amazing... I am nearly finished the game in single player campaign mode and can’t wait to get connected on broadband when I move into my new house in the New Year so that I can play XBOX live.

On the real side of my job, things have been so frantic as we head towards Christmas, the team and I have been putting in some heavy hours and effort to close as many open headcount as we can so we can take some time off and enjoy the summer holidays!  We have had a really good month placing some top candidates across our sales and technical organisation, in fact we have placed close to 20 people in the last 4 weeks.  Some other good news is that our time to fill is not looking too bad, time to fill is one of our key measures as we want to maintain candidate care at all times, ensuring that our candidates experience a timely and professional recruitment process. Just fewer than 50% of our roles are filled in less than 6 weeks, that’s pretty quick when you think about what’s involved in our process.

On my next blog, I will share some stats on how we source candidates at MS, we use a number of sourcing strategies, this year most candidates are being sourced through direct channels, our website, jobboards and referrals.

I need to get out on my bike this weekend, I nearly have fogotten how to ride its been so long......

Take Care.


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