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In the coming weeks i hope to post "a day in the life of" (similar to that of Gretchen and Zoë’s post a few weeks back) and I’d love to know exactly which parts of the Microsoft Business you'd like to know more about.

I'm also thinking of interviewing some current Microsoft employees for a post - let me know any questions you'd like me to include in the interview i.e.

  • What’s it like to work at Microsoft
  • What’s the best thing about working at Microsoft
  • What’s the coolest thing you've done since joining Microsoft

Please keep the suggestions coming for other topics as well.

Thanks JB


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  1. Matt says:

    I’d like to see someone from MS Games get interviewed. More than anything, interview the techies!

  2. Michael says:

    Welcome to blogsphere, good to see another Australian blog!

    It would be interesting to hear how different the Australian MS recruitment process is over the US and other locations. I always find it very interesting how the "corporate policy" is really implemented once you leave the corporate HQ.

    Once again welcome!

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