Off to India!

Last night I went to Bridget Jones Diary - The Edge of Reason I must say I was surprisingly impressed - I loved Bridget Jones Diary (both the book and movie). 

Very predictable but a good laugh all the same. I'd recommend it to fans of the first film.


I'm heading off to Bangalore next week for a recruitment symposium.  I leave on Monday and arrive in Singapore for a 5 hour stopover before heading to India.  Unfortunately the Singapore office is closed for a public holiday so if you know of any good shopping (one of my favorite pastimes) venues that I can spend a few hours please let me know.  I'm in Bangalore till the end of next week so I wont have much time to blog. 

One of the questions that people have been asking - not only in this blog but pretty much my whole recruitment career is;

"How important is Experience V's Uni Degree V's Certification?"

I've gone to some of my favorite hiring managers to ask for thier views and I hope to have these posted as soon as I return - watch this space!

Bye for now - JB

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  1. Hi,

    go to the Suntec Shopping Center (next to the Microsoft Singapore) office for good shopping.

    Take a short subway ride to Orchard Road and Takashimay Shopping Center for an all-in-1 shopping/eating/dining/coffee place.

    Enjoy. Wish i was there.

  2. Dotnetjunky says:

    Hi, you can shop right within the airport itself 😉 2 other most favourite shopping centers are the Sim Lim Square (for electronic & IT products) and Takashimaya (the biggest shopping center of the island.) Both are around 20 minutes from the airport if you take a cab.

  3. kent says:

    Orchard road (orchard mrt), bugis junction (bugis mrt), suntec city(walking distance from city hall mrt), city link (underground tunnel from city hall mrt), stanford hotel (i think that’s the name, outside city hall mrt) are a few central shopping area. Aye, I’m a native singaporean 😉

  4. Julie says:

    Thanks for the shopping tips – I hope i have enough time to get around. I’d heard that the airport had heaps of shopping – do you know how it compares $$$ to shopping in Singapore city?

  5. Chewy says:

    Costs more $$$ and the ones I went to did let me neg on prices. I guess it really depends on the type of stuff you’re shopping for Julie. The airport isn’t that far from all the action. I think 5 hours will be enough time to get to Orchard Road, shop until your feet hurt then get back.

    Don’t forget to chow down on the yummy food while you’re there.

  6. Yep Orchard Road is the place to go for sure if you want to shop. Much cheaper than the Suntec tower and Microsoft has moved from that location anyway.

    Good to see my local HR department getting into blogging.

    If you want a good list of Microsoft people blogging then checkout Frank Arrigo’s blog. It has most of them up there.

    bye for now


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