Thanks for the welcome messages!

Wow - it was great to come in today and find all of your responses in our inbox.

A big THANKS to everyone that has welcomed us to the blogoshere. We've had some great feedback and I'm looking forward to providing future posts to answer some of the questions that you guys have asked. 

Thank you to Angus for the following suggestions on content for the site.

  • Weighing up the importance of 'Qualifications vs Certification'
  • If you were to interview local MS employees (similar to the about how they got a job with Microsoft Australia
  • Some Do's & Don't for: Applying, Resume's, Interview's :- Specific to MS Australia
  • An 'early-warning' alert about possible roles coming up
  • Do blogs/personal sites help in the hunt for a job with Microsoft?
  • The Perfect Resume - if you could get a CV that you considered 'perfect' and upload it - and describe why its 'perfect'
  • The benefits of working for Microsoft

There are some great suggestions here and we'll try to respond this week. Please keep em coming because we want to blog about stuff that your interested in.

Signing off - JB 



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