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Hi guys....

I  joined MS only 5 months ago in the position of Recruitment Manager having had experience in both the teleco and professional services space.I absolutely love my new role here as you get to work with some really cool people, people who are passionate about our technology, but also so focused on working together as a team.

Outside of my day job,  I have a couple of passions, 1) my new wife Kerry, 2) my new house in the inner west of Sydney 3) riding my sports bike with friends and 4) playing video games.... fitting all this in during a normal week keeps me  well and truely out of trouble !!!...

In coming blogs I will tell you more about my passions (show you photos if you are interested) and tell you about my job at MS and about our career oportunties, right now I am getting ready for the Halo 2 launch in Sydney on the 9th November so I have to run.......

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  1. William Luu points out that the Microsoft Australia recruitment team (Julie Brown, Finuala Hattori and James Howison) have started a blog … Add it to the other Microsoft recruitment related blogs run by Microsoft staff like Zoë and Gretchen’s "JobsBlog" and Heather’s "Marketing at Microsoft" blog and it provides another great window into the hiring process and thinking at the…

  2. Tejas Patel says:

    Welcome you all, great start. Looking forward to hearing more from this blog.

  3. james says:

    thanks Tejas, we are so excited

  4. Hello James Howison.

    I’ve never met another Howison.

    That’s my maiden name.

    Where do your people come from?

    I live in Alabama, USA.

  5. James says:

    Hey Vicki, well my understanding is that the surname Howison is originally from Scotland, although my family has been living in Australia for many generations now. Your right in that I haven’t meet many other Howison’s either, check out the link below it will give you a lot more info.

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