The ADD Stove

As you well know, people with peculiar quirks can have special equipment needs.  There are plenty of examples such as ramps for those with wheelchairs, closed caption for the hard of hearing, and reality TV for the thinking impaired.  Those of us with the Attention Deficit trait have the ADD Stove.

The ADD Stove comes with several front burners in large and small sizes.  The stove lights up very quickly, and the burners come to full heat in seconds.  Likewise, they cool down quickly, returning to room temperature within seconds of being turned off.  The ADD Stove has some disadvantages.  It can be difficult to keep the ADD Stove lit, as it has a tendency to go out partway through a meal.  The stove can be slippery, and sometimes you have to pay extra attention to keep pots and pans from sliding off of the burners.  Still, the stove is extremely efficient if you can keep it on task, and many users are very happy with their appliance.

User studies have found that the biggest disadvantage to the ADD Stove is so prevalent as to be considered an obvious design defect.  The ADD Stove has no back burners.  Instead, there is a large gap between the stove and the wall that pots and pans can easily fall into.  Experts have speculated that this oversight is due to design compromises in putting so much functionality and attention into the front burners.  Due to this defect, pots and pans which are pushed to the back burner will fall off the back of the stove where you can no longer find them.

Users of the ADD Stove are therefore cautioned never to push anything onto a back burner, lest they lose sight of it completely.

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  1. tony says:

    did i miss something or r u add?


  2. ColinA says:

    Glad to see the ADD stove make an appearance. 🙂

    In other news, I found a cat behind mine.

  3. Christian says:

    Do you have any pictures?

    I could not find any information about this by googleing "adds stove" or "Attention Deficit trait" stove.

    Or in other words:

    WTF is this about?

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