Audio Fidelity: Latency

Relativity theorizes that there is no such thing as simultaneity between cause and effect.  Effect happens after cause.  All processes take a nonzero amount of time to complete.  This delay has a name (of course).  It’s called latency.  In audio, latency (or filter latency) is the amount of time between a change in signal on…


If you assume your users are criminals, they will be.

A friend recently purchased for me a copy of a game, let’s call it “Society III”, that he knew I’d like.  I had been an avid player of Society and Society II, and Amazon was having a $9.95 special.  The game arrived in a standard manufacturer box, with a stamped official-looking CD.  It’s a legit…


Always dither before you quantize

Quantization adds noise.  Taking a nice continuous signal and expressing it as distinct integers will introduce a round-off error, which means you’ve added random fluctuations to the signal, which is the definiton of noise.  Remember that noise is inevitable, so we just have to manage it (such as using enough bits per sample).  The problem is that round-off errors aren’t…


Recent lack of posts

Apologies for the lack of posts.  We’re sooo close to getting Vista out the door, there’s been little time for anything else recently.  I assure you more audio posts are forthcoming.  🙂 Meanwhile, make sure you go here and get ready for the best OS ever written. 


I don’t think it means what you think it means

Raymond Chen, noble defender of language, pointed out today that fellow Microsofties have now taken to inventing adjectives, in addition to nouns and verbs.  Though Raymond’s example is pretty benign, it does bring out the usual champions for language purity and for language malleability to re-enact the age-old argument. I don’t really consider myself a language purist.  I…