Death by PowerPoint – Giving better presentations

Take yourself back to that day in the mid eighties, in some smoky, Silicon Valley room where some developers were coming up with the ideas for a new application to help people do presentations. I don’t think on the blackboard of brainstormed thoughts was ‘death by PowerPoint’. We’ve forgotten why PowerPoint was created, to help…


Win a state of the art mouse

UPDATE: The competion is now closed, thanks to all those who entered!  Nothing like a little competition to help stave off the Monday blues…  The boffins over in Microsoft Hardware have created an optical mouse that works on virtually anything, and they’re giving a load away in a competition.   As people who use a mouse…


Top technical tips for smooth-running presentations

Confession: Presenting makes me nervous. I don’t think this entirely uncommon (!) but it is something I’d love to conquer one day. In the mean time, I’m always on the look-out for things which will help make that all-important 20 mins run more smoothly. Here’s a few of my top tips; Tip 1: Check the…


SharePoint Best Practices Conference comes to London

Hi Everyone, Every now and then we hear about an event which we think you might want to know about, and this week, we have one such event.  If you use SharePoint at work (and we are sure many of you do), this conference will be really useful to show you how to get the…

The At Work Holiday Survival Guide Part 3

Happy New Year! If your Christmas was anything like mine, you over-spent, over-ate, and over-slept – and it was wonderful. However, all good things must come to an end, and in the New Year (particularly this one), many of us are left trying to piece together our finances as a result of our misbehaviours. Well,…


Seeing it in colour – a new way to manage email

Does managing your email drive you nuts? You may use a folders and rules system – but does that mean important mails sometimes get overlooked? If you regularly feel defeated by the volume of emails you receive, here’s a new way of working with Outlook that may help you see the wood for the trees….


Making thank-you cards easy

Embarrassing confession: for whatever reason, I always struggle with thank-you cards. My excuse is that the effort involved in getting Christmas cards out to family and friends around the world leaves me so exhausted that I can’t even think about thank-you cards until February, by which time they’re out of date and not worth doing….