A parliament of owls, a charm of hummingbirds?

excelSo what would be the most appropriate collective noun for a gathering of Excel experts? A table of experts or perhaps a wealth of information?

Whatever the exact description, the Excel User Group qualifies as an essential resource for anyone who uses Excel for more than AutoSum. It's a terrific plethora of blogs and websites by various Excel experts (including many MVPs) as well as a set of active forums. Enjoy.

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  1. I’d say a VLOOKUP of Excel experts.

    Of course, if you have a social evening in the pub it might turn into a HLOOKUP 🙂

  2. Via an MVP Lead at MS, we have got some very decent publicity, both here and in next month's edition

  3. GillLeFevre says:

    a VLOOKUP wins hands down! Nice one 🙂

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