Messages not appearing in the dropdown box of Transform configuration

If we are using Multi-part Message inside Orchestration and we have any part which is of simple type, then we cannot directly access any message part of this Multi-part Message from the transform shape inside Orchestration. This is a limitation with the Multi-part Message type object. If the Multi-part Message type contains ONLY schema types,…

BAM SSIS package BAM_DM_<activity_name> not archiving data

Ever wondered why the BAM SSIS packages for archiving (BAM_DM_<activity_name>) is not archiving the data from BAMPrimaryImport DB to BAMArchive DB though we see that the package executes successfully. Ok. This may be the reason. The BAM SSIS packages for archiving (BAM_DM_<ActivityName>) are a two step process. They handle partitioning and archiving. During each run,…


KB Article on maintenance of Biztalk databases

Yesterday, KB 952555 got published which talks about how to maintain and troubleshoot Biztalk Server databases. This is a very useful article and must to be followed if you want Biztalk to be in good shape specially if performance is a key factor. Thank you, Mandi, for writing this wonderful article.

How to join two schemas in a map when they contain namespaces

Problem Statement: I will be receiving two different messages (Message1 and Message2) inside orchestration each with multiple records. Now, I have to join these messages in a map inside orchestration based on TRANID and PROCID. So basically, I have to get the value of TRANID from Message1 and look for the record inside Message2 where…


Simple things causing BIG things

Recently, I was working on an interesting case where we were not able to configure Biztalk Rules Engine in Biztalk Server 2006. All the other components got configured sucesfully but BRE was failing with error “Rule Engine Update Service is not a valid Win32 application” in the event logs. Now, it was getting pretty urgent for…


Most Common Issue – Slow Processing due to huge Biztalk databases

I have seen most of the issues coming with slow processing of messages in production by Biztalk where the root cause is only due to large size of Biztalk databases. Though, Biztalk comes with SQL Jobs which maintains the Biztalk databases and keep them at good shape, but if these Jobs are not configured properly or…

My First Post!!!!!!!

I am very excited about starting my own msdn blog. Here I will be posting my experiences and new problem solutions that I provided to my customer as a Biztalk Support Professional.