Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Length of LOB data (152644) to be replicated exceeds configured maximum 65536.


When you track E-mails in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Outlook Client you receive the following error messages:

User Interface Error:

"A SQL Server error occurred. Try this action again. If the problem continues, check the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Community lbr solutions or contact your organization’s Microsoft Dynamics CRM Administrator. Finally, you can contact Microsoft Support".

Platform Error:

CRM Exception: Message: ErrorCode: -2147204784, InnerException: System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Length of LOB data (152644) to be replicated exceeds configured maximum 65536.


These error messages occurs when SQL Replication is enabled for Microsoft Dynamics CRM databases and you attempt to insert into a text, ntext, or image column that is published in a replication article.


To resolve these error messages take full backup of all ORG_MSCRM and MSCRM_CONFIG databases and run the below query:

sp_configure 'max text repl size', 2147483647

Note: The setting takes effect immediately without a SQL server restart.

More Information:

max text repl size’ option specify the maximum size (in bytes) of text, ntext, varchar(max), nvarchar(max),varbinary(max), xml, and image data that can be added to a replicated column or captured column in a single INSERT, UPDATE, WRITETEXT, or UPDATETEXT statement. The default is 65536. A value of -1 indicates no limit, other than the limit imposed by the data type. This option applies to transactional replication and Change Data Capture. When a server is configured for both transactional replication and Change Data Capture, the specified value applies to both features. This option is ignored by snapshot replication and merge replication.


Max text repl size Option in SQL 2008:


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