The Product key is not compatible with installed version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Issue Description

You get the following error message when installing CRM 2011 server with Network Load Balance.


You are installing CRM 2011 in Network Load Balance. Installation in 1st node went fine but while doing the installation in the 2nd node you get the below error message on the Installation Wizard:


Following are the two possible causes of this error message:

  • We are doing installation in 2nd node of CRM 2011 by using the license key from the CRM Config Database. It’s thinking that we are tweaking the CRM Database and is a forge installation and hence stopping from going ahead.
  • A recent update roll up or a hot fix has been applied to the 1st node and Use Microsoft update when I check for updates (recommended) radio button is not selected on Select Microsoft Update Preference screen of the installation wizard. You may verify this by capturing the Troubleshooting file for support from the 1st node (where installation is successful) using CRM 2011 Diag Tool: look for the recently applied update roll ups and hot fix.


Reboot the 2nd node (where installation is failing).

Add the IgnoreChecks registry key to the computer that is running Microsoft Dynamics CRM so the installation can proceed when an error is shown in the Environmental Diagnostic Wizard (EDW): 

Click Start, click Run, type regedit, and then click OK.

In the registry, locate the following subkey: 


Right-click MSCRM, point to New, click DWORD Value, and then type IgnoreChecks.

Double-click IgnoreChecks, and then type 1 in the Value data field.


  • Make a backup of the registry keys because serious problems might occur if you modify the registry incorrectly by using Registry Editor or by using another method. These problems might require that you reinstall your operating system. 
  • You need to manually add the MSCRM folder if not already existing after following the registry hive till HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\ 

Run setup again in 2nd node(where installation is failing), Use Microsoft update when I check for updates(recommended) radio button. You will need an outbound internet connection on the server to download these updates. With these updates, the installing server version will be greater than the CRM database version and you should be able to proceed.

Note: After including this registry value you will get the same error message in installation wizard but this will also enable the Next> button in Installation Wizard to complete this installation.

Comments (3)

  1. Justin says:

    Great. you saved the day.

    When I upgrade from 2011 to 2013, the same error appeared. and your solution works.

  2. Abhisek Sinha says:

    Faced the same issue while performing multi-server role installation. After successfully installing on the Front End Servers, faced this issue while running the installer for the Async Server.

    I didn't want to make any registry changes, since I have done this type of installation multiple times without any issues earlier. So, investigated further, in the background this check calls -> SELECT TOP 1 [LicenseKeyV5RTM] FROM ConfigSettings, which is fine since there should be just one key for that instance of SQL. Could not find any other clues.

    Anyway, rather than making any changes, I uninstalled CRM from both Front End Servers and deleted the MSCRM_Config DB, then re-installed. This time without any issues, everything went ahead fine on all servers.

    Now, for my situation this was fine since I was doing a fresh install. But would be very keen to know, what actually went wrong. Why would the setup think it's a forge install the 1st time and not the 2nd time?

    PS: Had used the latest installer from Microsoft Downloads (the one that comes with the Rollup 6) for all the installs.

  3. duc bui says:

    Great thank Atif

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