WCF Performance Counters

WCF offers its own set of performance counters, which allow you to observe the live performance of your services, from various aspects. However, WCF does not publish performance counter data by default, and even when enabled, you can choose which categories of counters are published. As you expect, this is designed so with a reason….

Avoid using Assembly.LoadFrom

On MSDN, there’s a warning that using Assembly.LoadFrom() has disadvantages. The following could be a good illustration of the problems that may arise. Not long ago I had a customer who was using Assembly.LoadFrom() to load types into their web service on-demand. Intermittently, he received HTTP 500 errors on the client, which he tracked back…

Visual Basic 6 and .NET COM Interop

This is a quite popular topic on the Internet, and this has a reason: a lot of developers need to integrate legacy components written in Visual Basic 6 with .NET.COM Interop is or should be one of the easiest ways to bring these two worlds together. The problem begins when multiple threads, apartments or custom…


First post

Hello and welcome to my blog on MSDN.My name is Ákos Szegő and I work as a Technical Lead in the EMEA Distributed Services Team in developer support at Microsoft. My team supports our customers with a variety of problems that relate to middleware / distributed technologies that Microsoft provides to developers. Technologies that we…