DHL Shipment Tracking Accelerator for IE8

Today it’s going to be a short and extremely non technical post however I thought this may be of interest to some of you. I had some spare time and was waiting for DHL to deliver my copy of Dragon Age: Origins. So I consulted the DHL tracking system quite a few times. And because I found it quite annoying to copy and paste the shipment number out of the Amazon UK webpage into the tracking system on the DHL website I decided to quickly create a DHL Shipment Tracking Accelerator. Although many ecommerce shops already provide links to the tracking system there are still quite a few that don’t. So I think this provides at least some value.

Here’s a little screenshot of the preview. Luckily DHL designed the page so that at least some relevant info is presented within the preview. To get full fidelity however you can hit the mouse button on the accelerator menu item to go to the full page.

DHL Accelerator Preview Screenshot

If you want to add the accelerator yourself…here you go. I provide a English and a German version.

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Comments (1)

  1. vivi says:

    how does DHL shipment tracking actually work?

    good job on the accelerator though = )

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