Physics, Silverlight and Visualization…Update!

Due to quite some unexpected demand for the sources of the knowledge management showcase published in this blogpost even now almost 2 years after the initial post I took some short time and updated the solution. So now should at least rudimentary work with Silverlight 2 and 3 Beta.

Unfortunately I had to strip out dragging support because I was constantly experiencing System.Argument.Exceptions when calling the MouseEventArgs.GetPosition() method and didn’t want to invest to much time into debugging.

So for me the solution basically works including the HTML-Search Button that calls into the Silverlight application however there is still no optimized or well documented code. It was and still is a quick hack and only should demonstrate how to innovatively visualize dry business content. So use at your own risk and feel free to send me comments or optimized versions. 😉


You can download the solution here.

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