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Just in case you haven't already realized Windows live is gaining momentum and the community and gadget gallery is growing continously. Just check it out under and browse through the gallery of user generated gadgets.

And by the way eventually later there will be themes and skins available on that site as well.

You and everyone else can easily participate on The only thing you need is to have a rss feed available and add a "Add to" button on the site that hosts the feed. RSS support is available out-of-the box on

To add the button simply add a reference like shown in the example below:

<A href="" target="_blank"><img src="addtolive.gif" mce_src="addtolive.gif" alt="Add Gadget to" /></A>

Here's mine from the Blog you are just reading to lead with good example 🙂

Add Gadget to

If you want to participate with a custom gadget you can use the standard DHTML/Atlas programming model following the guidelines available on

Then you can also upload it into the gallery on and increase your reach dramatically.

For information about the core technologies like DHTML refer to:

and for Atlas:

Get today!

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