OData 101: Bin deploying WCF Data Services

TL;DR: If you’re bin-deploying WCF Data Services you need to make sure that the .svc file contains the right version string (or no version string). The idea for this post originated from an email I received yesterday. The author of the email, George Tsiokos (@gtsiokos), complained of a bug where updating from WCF Data Services… Read more

OData 101: Using the [NotMapped] attribute to exclude Enum properties

TL;DR: OData does not currently support enum types, and WCF Data Services throws an unclear exception when using the EF provider with a model that has an enum property. Mark the property with a [NotMapped] attribute to get around this limitation. In today’s OData 101, we’ll take a look at a problem you might run… Read more

Using Restricted Characters in Data Service Keys

If your Data Service includes entities with a string key, you can run into problems if the keys themselves contain certain restricted characters. For example OData has this uri convention for identifying entities: ~/Feed(‘key’) So if the ‘key’ contains certain characters it can confuse Uri parsing and processing. Thankfully though Peter Qian, a developer on… Read more