Using the new client hooks in WCF Data Services Client

What are the Request and Response Pipeline configurations in WCF Data Services Client?In WCF Data Services 5.4 we added a new pattern to allow developers to hook into the client request and response pipelines. In the server, we have long had the concept of a processing pipeline. Developers can use the processing pipeline event to… Read more

OData 101: Using the [NotMapped] attribute to exclude Enum properties

TL;DR: OData does not currently support enum types, and WCF Data Services throws an unclear exception when using the EF provider with a model that has an enum property. Mark the property with a [NotMapped] attribute to get around this limitation. In today’s OData 101, we’ll take a look at a problem you might run… Read more

OData 101: Building our first OData-based Windows Store app (Part 2)

Download the sample code In the previous blog post, we walked through the steps to build an OData-enabled client using the new Windows UI. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the code that makes it happen. ODataBindable, SampleDataItem and SampleDataGroup In the walkthrough, we repurposed SampleDataSource.cs with some code from… Read more

OData 101: Building our first OData-based Windows Store app (Part 1)

Download the sample code In this OData 101 we will build a Windows Store app that consumes and displays movies from the Netflix OData feed. Specifically, we will focus on getting data, displaying it in the default grid layout, and enabling search functionality. Because there’s a lot of details to talk about in this blog… Read more