WCF Data Services 5.6.0 Alpha

Today we are releasing updated NuGet packages and tooling for WCF Data Services 5.6.0. This is an alpha release and as such we have both features to finish as well as quality to fine-tune before we release the final version. You will need the updated tooling to use the portable libraries feature mentioned below. The… Read more

WCF Data Services 5.5.0 Prerelease

It’s that time again: yesterday we uploaded an RC for the upcoming 5.5.0 release. The 5.5.0 release will be another NuGet-only release. What is in the release: This release has two primary features: 1) significant enhancements to the URI parser and 2) public data source providers. URI Parser In the 5.2.0 release ODataLib provided a… Read more

WCF Data Services 5.4.0 Prerelease

Recently we uploaded an RC for our upcoming 5.4.0 release. This release will be NuGet packages only. What is in the release: Client deserialization/serialization hooks We have a number of investments planned in the “request pipeline” area. In 5.4.0 we have a very big set of hooks for reaching into and modifying data as it… Read more

WCF Data Services 5.3.0-rc1 Prerelease

Today we released an updated version of the WCF Data Services NuGet packages and tools installer. This version of WCF DS has some notable new features as well as several bug fixes. What is in the release: Instance annotations on feeds and entries (JSON only) Instance annotations are an extensibility feature in OData feeds that… Read more

WCF Data Service 5.1.0-rc2 Released

Today we are releasing refreshed NuGet packages as well as an installer for WCF Data Services 5.1.0-rc2. This RC is very close to complete. We do still have a few optimizations to make in the payload, but this RC is very representative of the final product. The RC introduces several new features: JSON Light The… Read more

WCF Data Services 5.0.2-rc Prerelease

We’re happy to announce that we’re ready for another public RC that includes a whole bunch of bug fixes. What is in the prerelease This prerelease contains a number of bug fixes: Fixes NuGet packages to have explicit version dependencies Fixes a bug where WCF Data Services client did not send the correct DataServiceVersion header… Read more

WCF Data Services 5.1.0-rc Prerelease

Less than two weeks ago, we released WCF Data Services 5.0.0. Today, we are releasing 5.1.0-rc as a NuGet prerelease. What is in the prerelease This prerelease contains several bug fixes: WCF Data Services fails to work properly with the $expand query option when using the DevArt Oracle EF provider Some DateTime values do not… Read more