New version of OData Validator

The OData team has been working on updating the OData Validator tool to support the new JSON format validation. We are pleased to announce that the tool now supports validating your V3 service for all three formats – ATOM, old JSON format (aka JSON Verbose) and the new JSON format. We are also working on… Read more

ADO.NET Data Services for Silverlight 3 Update CTP3 now available for download

A few weeks back, we announced our Data Services update to .NET 3.5 SP1. That release introduced many new features. We are now releasing the Silverlight counterpart, ADO.NET Data Services for Silverlight 3 Update CTP3. This CTP updates our Silverlight client assembly to make use of the new features. This release is just a CTP… Read more

Compatibility Note: SharePoint 2010 Beta & Data Services Update

If you want to try out Data Services with the SharePoint 2010 Beta today you have to use CTP2 of Data Services v1.5, because unfortunately the Data Service RTM version, aka the Data Services Update for .NET 3.5 SP1 is incompatible with the SharePoint 2010 Beta. This is a point in time issue – when… Read more